Our Philosophy of Care

The Dental Phobia Treatment Center of New York, founded by Dr. Krochak, takes pride in the quality of care we provide to all our patients, particularly those with a fear of dentistry.

As you can see from Dr. Krochak's many lectures and published articles on dental phobia and how to overcome it, he and his staff have long been committed to helping patients achieve ideal dental health and a beautiful smile while at the same time eliminating dental fear. Our caring team is always seeking ways to use the latest technology to help you conquer any fears you may have or discomforts you may anticipate. By helping you overcoming your phobia, we ensure that you have the ability to maintain your health and smile for a lifetime.

Our Total Commitment

Our goal is to provide the finest, most up-to-date dental treatment available while considering your comfort, time, privacy and financial concerns.

Our office is a state-of-the-art facility using only the finest equipment and sterilization methods, and our highly trained staff is dedicated to assuring your comfort as well as meeting your dental and preventive hygiene needs.

Administrative services such as appointments, payment arrangements and insurance processing are handled expeditiously by our highly experienced administrative staff.

In addition we provide amenities to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

The Finest Care

We take a comprehensive approach to your examination and care, beginning with an assessment of your phobia and specific issues that may make you uncomfortable. We thoroughly review your medical and dental histories, completely examine your head and neck and evaluate your periodontal health, individual teeth, occlusion (the bite relationship between upper and lower teeth), and your nutritional status. Additionally, the cosmetic appearance of your smile is an important component of your total exam. We always keep your primary concerns in mind and begin treatment only after a thorough diagnosis and explanation of all treatment options.

We always keep your primary concerns in mind and begin treatment only after a thorough diagnosis and explanation of all treatment options. If you need help before treatment to cope with your phobia we will recommend a course of action to be completed before treatment starts.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and choose your course of treatment. We can proceed as quickly or slowly as your time and financial considerations allow, always striving to accomplish the highest quality dental care possible.

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